Te Ika Iti

Nau Mai Haere Mai
Welcome to the Little Fish 
Te Ika Iti 
Of Turua School
Term One 2022 Te Ika Iti Stay Cool ’til After School
Like a school of little fish, Te Ika iti learns to swim together in the same direction. 
Te Ika iti is a delightful class of eleven Year One and New Entrant children who share a great sense of humour, display high energy and enjoy meeting new challenges together as a team. They are caring and kind, listen attentively and are growing in confidence daily as they find their voice and share ideas.
Together the children are learning to engage with…
  • Our Learning Goals are focused on the concept of Tataiako – Key Competencies, relating to learning achievement and capabilities as outlined in the New Zealand Curriculum and our School Charter:
  • Tangata Whenuatanga – Place-based, cultural awareness and learning
  • Ako – Practice in the classroom and beyond
  • Wanaungatanga – Building Positive Relationships
  • Manaakitanga – Values and virtues – integrity, sincerity, trust
  • Wananga – Communication, problem-solving, innovation
Getting on together, organising ourselves for learning and working cooperatively as a team form the foundation on which young children achieve and grow as capable, self-confident learners who are willing to TAKE ON NEW CHALLENGES and ‘have a go’.
In 2022 Te Ika iti looks forward to exciting new learning experiences as they…
  • Explore new learning through Play which is teacher-directed as well as led by the children’s own passions and interests
  • Learn how to set goals and work towards these
  • Develop new skills in reading, writing and maths
  • Explore Digital Technology through hands-on learning opportunities 
  • Make new friends and feel part of a team through caring and sharing


Outdoor Learning Zone Environment We are excited to be able to use our new Learning Zone to explore new ideas and challenges and are very involved with outdoor learning which includes taking turns to water our new gardens and pack up daily equipment set up for learning.
The Learning Zone has been enriched with the recent arrival of a new sandpit/stage, a wonderful stone pit, two water troughs, three beautiful, planted gardens and two tanks to collect rainwater for our activities. 
The three Junior Classes (NE to Year 4) are enjoying this shared space as they explore new learning around The Sciences, Health and PE, and The Arts.
Our day begins before 9:00 am as children begin to arrive at school soon after 8:30 am and together we set up activities for daily learning ‘Through Play’ activities. Learning through child-led discovery and authentic learning experiences encourages decision making, problem-solving, communication and negotiation skills.
The teachers also provide ‘PROVOCATIONS’ to encourage talk about what is going on for the learner and lead to new learning.  Providing a platform for early learning skills in reading, writing and maths. ‘Learning floats on a sea of Oral Language’.
Term One Learning – In Our Back Yard, the Schoolwide Topic Theme for 2022 is Navigators. Our Junior Classes will be focused on Our Backyard as we observe and investigate the creatures who visit our Learning Zone. These activities include helping to build a Lizard Lounge Garden and observing caterpillars change into Monarch Butterflies in class.
Structured Literacy Approach The children in Te Ika iti will be working with their teacher through the Ministry supported Structured Literacy Approach to Reading and more information will come home to parents about this programme shortly.
Daily Lunches are provided again this year and the children are beginning to enjoy what is offered. Sometimes it just needs a little encouragement to try something new and one child will influence the next with their enthusiasm.