Rūmā 8 – Mangōpare

Rūmā Mangōpare is the year 5 and 6 classroom of Turua School and part of the Senior Team. We are a vibrant class of enthusiastic learners who take part in activities across the curriculum. Our kaiako is Ms. Butterfield and in our classroom you might see us:
  • Listening intently to our ‘Chapter Chat’ Novel and getting ready to answer questions and create something from the story. We can design a new chocolate bar for Willy Wonka, or design the sword and shield for King Peter from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, create the perfect classroom in Minecraft inspired by Fish in a Tree…
  • Being chefs in the school kitchen or keen gardeners every week in our Garden to Table Programme.
  • Sharing ideas for how to solve maths problems and listening to different strategies. We don’t give up because we know mistakes are how we learn!
  • Creating their own artistic masterpiece using different media and tools: Is it a spray paint solar system, a self portrait or a geometric insect collage?
  • Reading for pleasure but also to research and understand. We are learning new vocabulary and strategies to help us read independently.
  • Writing creative stories, letters, recipes or instructions. We are learning to check our work and make improvements.
  • Conducting a science experiment and learning more about the world around us. We may fire a water rocket to learn about forces and flight, we may observe insects and learn how they are unique, or we take soil samples to learn more about what soil is made up and how it can help our gardens.
We always strive to follow our school values of Whānaungatanga, Manākitanga, Ako and Kotahitanga and live our school motto of “My Best Always”.