10th March 2023
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Principal's Welcome

Our apologies for the late newsletter this week. Our host site completely closed down unexpectedly. You will note some changes in the new format. It has certainly been another busy week with students heading to Ngatea to represent Turua School at the Hauraki Plains Swimming Event and participate in the Student Leadership Programme Burn Bright. Once again, our students were great ambassadors at both events.


You will have seen that teachers and principals voted to take industrial action on 16 March. This was a last resort decision after several months of negotiations since last year and it was felt that this was the only way the government would listen and recognise that when they support our children to learn and succeed, we are supporting whānau and communities to thrive. While we realise that if the strike goes ahead, finding alternative childcare for families can be challenging, we are looking to the benefits of a long term quality education for everyone.

There has been a significant increase in meeting the diversity of students with complex learning needs. Boards are required to fund more and more resources to meet these needs as the support from government agencies can no longer support the growing demand. Along with these growing student needs, teachers across the country are working through the significant changes being introduced to the NZ curriculum, while having to maintain the normal day-to-day learning programmes.

Principals and teachers in primary and area schools have considered at length offers from the government to settle our respective collective agreements.

The offers did not meet our expectations, nor make sufficient steps towards the changes we need for our children to succeed - especially considering that several of the issues raised have been on the table since 2019.

Our children deserve access to a high-quality education, and it's our goal to provide that for them. Unfortunately, the current level of funding for our schools is insufficient to offer the time and resources needed to support every student's growth and success. For instance, there is still a significant gap between primary and secondary education funding, despite research indicating that a child's early years are crucial for their development. This lack of funding for the primary and early childhood sector has led to a shortage of resources and staff, which hinders our ability to provide optimal learning opportunities for our students.

We look forward to another great year in 2023 – and together with your support, building the case for better investment in our tamariki.


Thank you to our Head Librarian Lola Crawford for doing a wonderful job heading up our new team of Librarians! The tags you made them look awesome!

Our award recipients from the last couple of weeks!

We are hoping our Junior Swimming Sports will go ahead this Friday, however, if the weather is poor the postponement date will be Tuesday March 14th at 1:00pm.

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